I melted in the sun, the book became a fig tree leaves.


I think the buffalo and the angel, in secret to durable pigments, prophetic sonnets, the refuge of art.


I love you, I am a monster, but I love you.


Don't cry, I'm sorry, you must understand, I am sorry to deceive you so much, but this is life.


The moral feeling of human nature is an obligation, and we must endow the soul with the sense of beauty.


I touched the pain in my chest. It was the place where she had one or two times in my hair.


I now think of aurochs and angels, think of the secrets of durable pigments, think of the prophetic sonnets, think of art of the sanctuary.


He tore my heart, but you broke my life.


I'm thinking of bison and angels, paint enduring secret prophetic sonnets, the refuge of art. This is what I think of, I can share with you forever, my Lolita.


In a moment, we frantically, clumsily, shamelessly, agonizingly fell in love and hopeless, I must add that; because of mutual possession frantic only by actual sucking, fusion per molecule of each other's soul and flesh, can calm down.


Not only do we live in the world of thought, but also in the world of matter.


But I love her. She could fade and wither, how can; but I just look at her, all the tenderness, Chung on the heart.


My heart is bursting with love's pain.


She will grow old, but I don't care. Just to see her, love will still be in my heart.


I looked at her, looked and looked, the former is coquettish, now only bones". Pale, bloated, mixed vulgar, belly flesh of others. But I love her, she can fade, fade, how can. But as I look at her, love in my heart.


You in the mottled sunlight every move one step, all seems to be in my despicable body inside the most hidden, the most sensitive string on the dial ring.


She would fade and wither, do, but as long as I look at her, love will be in my heart.


Meaningless empty talk.


Are the girls in this age limit all sexy girls? Certainly not. Otherwise, those of us who are familiar with this, we the lonely traveler, we these addiction color is greedy for a flower. Wouldn't that be long gone insane.


Whenever I look back to their youth, like the days when is the snowstorm in the morning of white snow, like the winds were blowing away from me.


This is what you and I can share forever, my Lolita.


Then I secretly to contemplate, the faithful villain how can forget everything, everything, when those of us old lover on every inch of the good they are still the treasure.


I love you, I am a monster, but I love you. I am arrogant and so on, mean and having no sense of shame and cruel. But I love you, I love you!


She would fade and wither, do, but as long as I look at her, love will be in my heart. Lolita, light of my life, loins, my sin, my soul.


When you can't see you, you are beautiful.


However, I was tall and skinny, Beck wide, covered with the sheep like chest Humbert Humbert, thick black eyebrows, a queer accent, behind the smile he man elegant, hidden is the devil in a sewage ditch like rancid.


You can laugh at me, and can threat was banished from the court, but I still want to shout the truth, until I suffocate, choke me half to death.


At that time my ears a piece of children's laughter, make me frustrated not around there is no Lolita, but laughter without her.


I only resentment is I can take out my Lolita heart, not the voracious lips to her tender uterus, secrecy of her heart, her beautiful liver, she Sargassum lung, she is similar to the two halves of the lovely hip.


Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sins, my soul. Lo Lee TA: the tip of the tongue upward, three steps down the palate teeth. Luo. Li. Pagoda。


Because I am in the world the most annoying is group activity, kind of like the body hairy and found the naked to a growing number of ordinary way mixed together, a collective bath.


Then is mysterious, contour like table mountain, then dyed pine oil blue dot of red cliff, backward is a piece of the mountain community, tawny gradually blue, blue gradually fantasy color, then a desert to meet us, they will use the strong wind and sand, gray thorn bushes, and imitation white like toilet paper debris and along the highway by the breeze blights and withered flower base in.


I looked at her, looked and hope. Life wholeheartedly, I love the most is her, to be sure, like yourself will die as sure. She could fade and wither, how can. But I just look at her, tenderness, then my heart.


I only knew that I was sure she would leave me forever.


Pale, bloated, mixed vulgar, belly is someone else's blood, but I love her. She would fade and wither, how can. But I'm only a glimpse of love in my heart.


It is regret, is crying when sin to stab the heart of tenderness, love, affection is the bow and scrape it despair.


If I don't do my own audience, I thought I was in love with him.


Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins, my sin, my soul.


I loved her, certainly, I will die, as sure as. Former flowery siren, now only leaves in their hometowns, pale, mixed vulgar, bloated, belly flesh is someone else's, but I love her, she can fade, can fade, how can, but I just see her one eye, the tender, Chung heart.


Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sins, my soul.


In the spring with yellow, green, light red decorate Thayer street, Lolita never again to save the heart just want to act.


In the early morning, she is the Luo, Pu ordinary Luo, wear a sock, height four feet ten inches. Wear loose pants, she was lola. She was Dolly at school. She was Dolores when she was officially signed. But in my arms, she will always be Lolita. Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sins, my soul.


My beauty leaned down, to me, to me staring congestion of a thousand eyes show her slightly raised shoulder blades, showing her along the spine bending present bud, showing her taut, narrow nates clothed in black shows the expansion, as well as her schoolgirl thighs.