A husband's rights, in my opinion is a kind of grace.


Sometimes people have to lie, but self deception is unforgivable.


Everything from the Tao to grow, and then return to the road.


I don't have any value, I don't deserve to bother you.


If to abuse I can make you satisfied, I think I have no right to complain. The woman is always limited, in their eyes, the man is always the wrong party. In fact, the other party is not innocent, blameless.


If the light is to blame and I will be good for you, then you will be free.


Women often think that men are crazy about them. In fact they did not.


Well, dear, when a person is in love with you, what he said is not true words.


Vanity was hit in the hearts of women arouse hatred, would be better than under the slaughter of the lioness cub.


If we just don't want to taunt each other in this way, things are what progress.


You know, my dear child, in peace, in the work is not found, it is not in joy, nor in the world or the monastery, it exists only in the human soul.


There are enough fools in the world.


I believe that in a plague, those who died because of fear are not less than those who died because of the disease.


To understand a man's mind, the best way is to put yourself from his point of view.


It is easy to prove that it is difficult to prove it.


I abandoned the trivial, mediocre life, give yourself to sacrifice and pray for life.


All she had done something wrong or stupid, all she suffered is not all meaningless - it would be a pathway to peace.


There is only one way to win people's hearts, and that is to make people think you should be loved.


Love is everything to me, you are everything to me. But it's just a little episode for you, how can I get it?


We are not living in a no human habitation on the island, we have bound social relations. You need to be sensible.


In a second time in the past, each one minute delay may be irreversible.


Perhaps from an ancient character, I am proud to disdain force.


At first I'm sure you'll be scared, but when you're able to calm down, you're not going to be there. That is a kind of experience that is not available to everyone.


A man because of love you and was your contempt, this people is how long ah?


I don't have a dream about you. I know you silly, frivolous, emptiness of mind, but I love you. I know your intentions, your ideal, your snobbish, vulgar, but I love you. I know you are a second rate. But I love you.


A man deeply loves a woman, does not mean that he would like to spend the rest of his life with her.


Neither unextinguishable love if he loves her sooner or later will xinruan, will be unable to extricate themselves and continue to love her.


If anyone has something to say, it will not be long before humans probably will not speak.


Life is a cross they are willing to bear, in their hearts always hope - no, far more than hope, is yearning, looking forward to the end of death will lead them to eternity.


I try my best to keep my love to the limit, or else I know that I can't bear the consequences.


If a man can't win a woman's love, it will be his fault, not hers.