Friendship is the most holy creature. It takes root and sprouts in the same sex, and blossoms and fruits in the opposite sex.


A thousand years of hard work and a reputation for fame and fame.


Leaving the shadow of the meeting, taking the budding Acacia herb, only the green post road carries the thoughts of parting.


Friends, no matter yesterday or today or tomorrow, I just wish you health and happiness, with the most insipid and true happiness!


Exercise is the source of health and the secret of longevity. I hope you can exercise every day and prolong your life.


Draw a young arc, inlaid with a colorful sunshine, with a string of joyous notes wish friendship sincere and beautiful.


There is always risk in competition, dare to take risks and responsibilities and win the competition.


I hope you reach out your hands and accept my abundant blessings. In your future days, let the flowers of happiness shine and fragrance.


The mountains and oceans separated us, but I can only meet you in memories, meet you in dreams.


Flowers are like dreams, wind has no trace, but I still can not escape from the heart's yearning, sending away a blessing to you.


A good friend is heard in the light. If you see friends, you never forget your friends.


If you take drugs, you will not be able to go out without smell. I can understand your feelings and be calm.


The spring breeze in March touched my hair tips, bringing me not only silk confusion, but also a chill.


When can you fly over the wet sky like you do not wet your wings.


Life is not seeking glory, but to be clear conscience. May my blessings always be with you.


Spring breeze is like a dream, the wind has no trace, only for the heart's thoughts, send a deep blessing.


Joy is always too short, loneliness is always very long, I wanted to harvest a ray of spring breeze, but you gave me the whole spring!


Love is poetry and sun in life. Best wishes to you. Poetry is warm, beautiful and sunny.


May the most faithful blessing be with you forever, especially now, when your birthday comes.


Friends, you must go away today and drink this cup of wine, forget the sorrow of the lonely world, and drink to the end of the day.


Without a career, it is possible to succeed easily without going through hardships and hardships; believe me, there is a reward for giving.


Send a faint word, send a deep affection, I wish you every success.


There was a concert and I heard several colleagues say it was great. I have tickets. Let's go and have a look.


The fragrance is on the chewing face, the purple flower is auspicious, celebrates the opening ceremony, wishes the business to be like spring strong, the source of money is like water!


The drizzle in March and the breeze in March passed lightly across my face.


My heart beats for you every day. I am moved by you every minute, and I worry about you every second. It feels good to have you.


May the melodious song always surround you and fill your life with joy.


Parting, please drink a cup of water of your native place, you go all over the world, and don't forget to put your hometown in your chest.


The spring breeze in February touched my hair tips, bringing me not only silk confusion, but also a chill.


I want you to tell me the truest idea, because today's decision may be a permanent decision.